Welcome to our printer selection tool.

Are you looking for a Black and White, Color, or Fiery Enabled device?

Let’s start by selecting the type of device you need. They fall into three major categories: Black & White devices, Color devices and Color device with Fiery controllers for high quality graphics and Pantone shade color matching ability.

Were you looking for a floor standing device or a desktop model?

What type of computers do you use ?

PC , Mac or a combination of PC and Mac computers?

What is your best guess on the estimated pages printed and copied each month?

A great way to estimate this is to check the amount of paper purchased for the department / office. One fullbox of paper has 5000 sheets, i.e. 10 individual reams of 500 pages each

Do you need the ability to fax using this device?

With our fax kits, apart from walk up faxing, you can also send faxes from your PC and receive incoming faxes to your email address.

Do you need to staple the printed documents?

There are two different options – i.e. office stapler and a booklet making finisher / stapler.