Do Coin Operated Copiers Still Exist?

As far back as the early 80’s, coin operated copiers machines have been in vogue. This coin operated type of copy machine operates almost the same way as the regular vending machines Because of this reason we can infer this type of copier to a vending printer. Also, this vending copier machine can be referred … Continue reading “Do Coin Operated Copiers Still Exist?”

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What is this Xerox Healthcare MFP 2.0 thing about?

Welcome to the Blog! Here we discuss and inform you all the need to know things about copiers and prints…Let’s be honest – If you found this article, you are actually searching for something related to Xerox Healthcare MFP 2.0. We got you covered. Our goal is to build up enough trust with you, that … Continue reading “What is this Xerox Healthcare MFP 2.0 thing about?”

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