How to: Xerox Versalink Quick Start Guide


Welcome to the page. This page is basically an appendix to help you complete the initial setup for your Xerox Versalink. Here at USA Copier Lease, we create these helpful quick start guides to provide more support to our lease customers. If you found this page without leasing through us – let us know how our pricing compares to what you got. –

Versalink - How To Guides

How to: Locate IP Address 
First time the Versalink is plugged into your network, it will pull an IP address via DHCP.

How to: SETUP Configure Network Settings
Once you have found the initial IP. You will want to change it…here’s how.

How to: Turn Off/Disable Banner Sheets
Very next thing 90% of our customers ask us…’how do we turn these …sheets off’?

How to: SETUP Scan to SMB
Wanting to scan to computer or your server? Scan to SMB is your thang

How to: SETUP Scan to Email
Best guide written, by us, to setup Gmail on your Versalink.

How to: SETUP Fax on a Versalink
Got the fax module huh? It’s and easy setup – EASY like leasing from us. =)

How to: Turn Off Duplexing
Don’t want the unit to auto print on both sides? mmhmmm…

How to: Remove Waste Toner Container
What’s up with all this waste?

How to: Empty Waste Toner Container
Okay, we don’t recommend this (Xerox told us to say that), but you can try it.

How to: Fix Remote Services Upload Error 0016-426
Remote Services is used for a type of maintenance plan USA Copier Lease doesn’t offer…you can disable the service.

How to: Xerox Versalink NFC
NFC – Touch your phone to the printer and it prints!

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