About Us

USA Copier Lease is owned and managed by Magnum Alliance Group. Magnum is an exclusive platinum
level Xerox dealer that leases copy machines.
 Our clients span across the United States. Fact is that we are still waiting for our first customer in the states of Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Alaska and Hawaii, but we think it’s an achievement to have clients leasing copy machine s in the remaining 45 states.
Leveraging the web and advanced technology has helped us expand beyond our initial market area in New York City. We are here to help you lease your next Xerox copy machine. The platinum status for Magnum has to be earned every year based on sales volume and customer satisfaction – which in our opinion are two factors that complement each other. One cannot be achieved without the other.


Everybody wants to say that they provide great customer service. But how do you distinguish between lip service and phenomenal customer service? Pedigree. An organization is only as good as its people.
The real answer is that we are far from perfect – which is why we try harder. We are constantly innovating and trying new ways to make a better customer experience for copier leasing– we have been using advanced tools like automated meter reads, web based service ticket system, automated supply ordering links, periodic printer usage reports and so much more.

The below image is an example of the technology we use. Using this portal, we can see every single copiy machine and printer device of ours in the field. It shows us the device make and model, device location, meter reads, toner and other consumable levels and even if paper trays are low on paper. This valuable tool for us – was developed in partnership with Xerox.

If you are considering USA Copier Lease as your next copier leasing vendor, we encourage you to speak to our existing clients and even visit them. Many of our existing clients have graciously agreed to host and speak on our behalf that we are humbled by their generosity.

To learn more about how USA Copier Lease can help your organization evaluate and upgrade your existing copier leases, you can either visit our online catalog here, call +1(800) 893 1183 or send an email to online@usamagnum.com.

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