PageConnect Software Details

       The PageConnect Software / Xerox Device Agent Lite (XDA Lite) allows you to manage our Xerox devices while on your network. The small background application finds printers. The software displays their statuses, automatically collects the page count from the printers and submits them. In addition, the software also allows for remote management of the printers. You can also use this software to place service calls for on-site support. You also can request all supplies for your covered Xerox device(s) via this software.

Furthermore, there are detailed PageConnect software installation instructions can be found in this pdf:
Pagepack / Xerox Device Agent User Instructions

PageConnect Installation Instructions:

Full Walk through can be found by clicking here.
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You can use the below links to request service and supplies.
Order Supplies Link –
Order Service Link –
For assistance with the Xerox XDA / PageConnect Software Customer Portal login or operation, please call the support team at 888-892-6483