Versalink Family Pricing

Xerox Versalink Desktop and Floorstanding

These are the Platinum Xerox Maintenance and Service Plan offered by USA Copier Lease. The maintenance plan includes: unlimited consumables (toner, drums, waste containers, fusers, rollers, staples), all parts, repairs (including labor), remote and onsite Xerox Technical Service, and is covered by the Xerox Replacement Policy.

Maintenance Cost Explained:
The Monthly Service Fee covers the device for all maintenance requests, repairs, parts, and labor. This will be charged monthly outside of your lease price. This also covers the first 2,000 black and white pages each month.
The Cost Per Page covers all the consumables. These are all Xerox OEM consumables that ship directly from their warehouse. There is no additional cost for standard shipping.


Xerox Versalink Devices
Devices Monthly Service Fee Cost Per Black and White Pages Cost Per Color Pages
Black and White Devices
VersaLink B400DNM $50.00 1.5 cent N/A
VersaLink B405DNM $50.00 1.5 cent N/A
VersaLink B7025/B7030/B7035  $50.00 1 cent N/A
Color Devices
VersaLink C400DNM $50.00 1.7 cent 9 cents
VersaLink C405DNM $50.00 1.7 cent 9 cents
VersaLink C7020/C7025/C7030/C7120/C7120  $50.00 1.1 cent 7 cents

We provide service for Xerox devices and can provide maintenance plans for Xerox devices that you did not lease/purchase from . If you are looking for a Xerox Maintenance Plan for one of the above devices – please email us at for more information. 

**All plans require a small piece of software to be installed on a Windows PC/Server that is on the same network as the copier/printer. This software checks in with the Xerox device and sends meter reads back to us so we can charge based upon consumption. Click the Page Connect Information link to find out more. Also click here to see the Xerox PageConnect Services Overview.

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